Couples Counseling & Marriage Therapy in San Jose & Silicon Valley

Whether you're married or in a committed relationship, there sometimes comes a time when difficult problems arise. There are many causes for stress in a relationship - sometimes there are specific issues such as an affair, sexual difficulties, conflicts about child rearing, cultural differences, or blended families. Other times, there is a gradual fading of romance, lack of interest and caring, or a case of two people growing more and more distant. Perhaps it's difficulties managing day-to-day tasks, finances, or social obligations that are creating problems. Couples counseling can help to resolve conflicts, increase communication skills, overcome obstacles to intimacy, and enhance the quality of the relationship. In couples counseling, individuals learn how to communicate more effectively, respond to situations rather than react, and learn how to negotiate when differences arise rather than engage in conflicts or avoid the situation/topic altogether.

Couples counseling requires that both individuals be willing to examine their own behavior and the impact it is having on the relationship. The focus of couples counseling is on the relationship, not the individual; however, sometimes it is necessary for one partner to attend individual counseling in order to help the relationship function more effectively as a whole.

In couples counseling, attention is paid to how each individual responds to the various topics they are confronting. There is no right or wrong way to respond in any situation, just different ways. Learning to examine which ways are more effective than others for your relationship is an invaluable skill that you can learn through couples counseling. Whether you have been married for 30 years or your relationship is in its infancy, there's no reason to prolong addressing problematic issues as they will inevitably continue to become complex and harder to address down the road.

Premarital Counseling and Therapy

In the midst of engagement parties, cake tasting, and wedding planning, it's difficult to make the time to bring up some of the most important issues related to your future together as a couple, yet these issues are foundational for a loving, lasting, and healthy relationship and are essential to discussing prior to saying "I do". Premarital counseling can be a safe place where you can discuss many topics such as financial management, values, children, personality styles, goals, expectations, communication, honesty, career, extended family relationships, or maybe more short term issues that are causing stress on the relationship. Whether it's your first marriage or otherwise, statistics show that short-term premarital counseling is common and helpful for many couples.

Divorce Counseling

Often times one or both parties have decided to dissolve a relationship; however, there are many emotional issues and other topics that can arise during this painful process. There's nothing easy about ending a relationship - a person who was once your best friend, life companion, someone with whom to raise your children, whom you imagined growing old with, is no longer that person. Divorce shatters much of what you knew and dreamed about.

Divorce counseling can help you learn from your relationship so that mistakes can be avoided in the future, and it can help individuals cope more effectively with the separation and moving on process. Divorce counseling does not focus on trying to reconcile the relationship, as it assumes that one or both parties want to end the relationship, but would like to do so in such a manner that is as least destructive as possible.