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Individuals come into therapy at various points in their lives for a number of different issues including: difficulties with anxiety, depression, addiction, grief and loss issues, parenting, relationship difficulties, career coaching / counseling, professional development, co-dependency issues, stress reduction and management, learning to tolerate distress effectively, goal fulfillment, improving communication and interpersonal effectiveness skills, gaining anger management and emotion regulation skills, purpose / meaning in life, developing meaningful relationships, amongst many other topics.
Whatever the topic, however small or large, short or long standing, reaching out for help takes an enormous amount of strength and courage.

Whether you're coming for short- or long-term therapy, successful individual therapy is dependent upon whether you can connect with your therapist, whether the therapist's skill set fits your particular issues, and whether the therapy provided makes sense and resonates with you. Therefore, it is essential that you select a therapist that fits your personality and therapeutic goals.

Perhaps this is your first time coming to therapy or maybe you've been to other therapists in the past - regardless of your history, the first few sessions of therapy together will involve an evaluation of your therapeutic goals and treatment needs. We will work together to establish behaviorally specific, individualized therapy treatment goals and we will continue to discuss your goals throughout our work together. We will continue to assess and/or modify the focus of therapy in accordance with your needs. As a behavioral therapist, throughout therapy we will be tracking your treatment progress to determine whether you are benefiting from our work together. Self-monitoring of behaviors is an essential part of the therapy that I conduct. We know through empirical research that tracking behaviors we want to change is an instrumental part in that behavior actually improving.